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I understand that life can be difficult, how it feels not to be heard nor understood, to feel lost, unsure of what to do or why we do the things that we do. I also know that you have the means to make the changes you wish to make in life.

As a qualified counsellor – accredited by the National Counselling and Psychotherapy Society – I can assist you in developing a deeper understanding of yourself and your concerns and in finding your path in life. If you wish to work on the concerns that have led you to seek counselling, be these relationships, anxiety, stress, grief or anything else you want to talk about and explore, then click the button below, and we can arrange an initial session to get to know one another and see what we can achieve together.

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There are many styles, techniques, and ways of working as a counsellor, and it may be helpful to know the three primary schools of thought in counselling, which are detailed below, as you’ll likely see their names come up in your searches. However, it’s important to know that not all approaches will suit everyone, as you’re a unique individual with unique experiences and ideas. As such, the best way of working is flexible, incorporating the right tools and techniques to suit you and your goals. That is the form of counselling I offer, known as a pluralistic approach. Incorporating all of these schools, ideas and techniques to provide what is most suitable for you when we are working together. Please read below if you want to learn more about the counselling process and specific concerns.

Person Centered

Fundamental belief that people are good and able to grow themselves if given the opportunity.

A focus on clients leading sessions and finding their answers.

Emphasis on the therapeutic relationship to understand way of being and for self-growth.

Core conditions offered congruence, empathy and unconditional positive regard.

It provides space to explore oneself, which is good for addressing self-esteem issues and building a sense of self.


Focus on the relationship between our beliefs, thoughts, behaviours and feelings.

A more directive approach, in which goals will be set, as well as tasks for outside of sessions.

Will explore and challenge thoughts and perceptions, utilising various techniques to look at situations differently and change automatic thought processes and beliefs.

Well known to work for addressing unhelpful thought patterns, anxiety concerns, depression and unhelpful coping strategies or habits.


It aims to help clients to develop self-awareness by exploring their unconscious processes.

Emphasises childhood experiences in the development of present-day concerns.

Considers processes such as defence mechanisms, attachment theory and transference reactions.

It is a whole-life approach, exploring life processes and experiences and understanding the past’s influence on the present.

Effective at developing a deep sense of self-understanding, addressing relational concerns and changing patterns of behaviour.

Counselling in itself is a talking therapy in which you can share your thoughts, feelings, and experiences with a professional who will help you make sense of them. To untangle life’s complexities and understand how your beliefs and perceptions of the world impact your experiences within it. Counselling sessions are a safe, confidential space where you can work alongside your counsellor to build an understanding of yourself and develop new beliefs, perceptions and coping methods.

Know Yourself Better Than Ever Before.

If you’re looking to understand yourself more deeply, to know why you think, act, or feel in the ways you do. Or if you’ve struggled with anxiety or depression, have recently suffered a difficult loss or find things are too difficult to manage.

Then, counselling can help you explore your concerns, worries, thoughts, and feelings. Through counselling, you may find new coping strategies, new perspectives, a deeper understanding of yourself, and a stronger sense of self, alongside the confidence and awareness to make the decisions and choices that you wish to make. If you feel ready to begin your counselling journey, then use the button below, and we can look to book a session together.

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I offer face-to-face and online/remote sessions. Use the button below to contact me, and I will contact you as soon as possible.

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